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    • Behold!!!! the newest guild in the server to write an introduction..

      and then ,Tremble the seven seas of the underworld!!!, if there's any.

      We are not the Ruler of the realm of the dead!.
      We are not the protector of the grave..
      We are not the Guardian of the Scale.
      coz' We are "NOT ANUBIS".
      Just a bunch of trolls. Please look the other way.


      By the power vested upon me as the hardworking Diplomat of this alliance, I am hereby declaring the creation of this Alliance.
      As mandated by our leader, I am allowed to reveal sensitive information inside the alliance office. In line with the guidelines of implementation of freedom of Information bill which was not yet signed by Pepi[Leader] .
      Our alliance was governed democratically, so after we held an election - the following officials were elected via landslide Victory:
      Public Servant
      Leader: ........................Pepi-- [ @Pepi ]
      General:....................... JOSH-- [ @JOSH ]
      Home Secretary:.......... Eijipe --[ @eijipe ]
      Diplomat: .................... raczide --[ @razzed ]

      The Constitution
      Alliance Description and Very confidential info., objectives, vision, mission, blah3x and etcetera.

      1. Requirements to join:
      --------->> No requirements yet. So no one can join yet. We are currently working and tackling on more bills passed on the senate. Hoping that it will be included in the Agenda by our next board meeting.

      2. Foreign Affairs:
      --------->> We are currently in the process of screening applicants for the appointment of cabinet secretary of Foreign Affairs. So right now, all request for treaties will be pending.. Pls. bear with us.

      3. War Treaty
      --------->> We are promoting world peace.. This is our wish, but since we are living in a world full of pride; war is inevitable. We are open for War, but we have these condition:
      3.a We can only fight atmost 1 war per month. We cannot accept DOW all the time as we want our accounts to grow. After a war, We need at least 1 month before we can accept another DOW.

      3.b For Alliance with Higher TS than us, DOW will be effective 14 days upon the receipt of the said declaration. We are not cheaters, so we need time to build or train military..So it means that we need at least 14 days notice before official DOW.
      3.c We have the right to decline any war if we cannot fight due to busy schedules and meetings with the other state leaders, (state visits, summits and etc.).
      3.d Right Now, We only accept war, if the duration will not exceed 15 calendar days. The server was just 3 months old.. We need to grow more.
      3.e Clause 3.d will be ammended after the server will reach 6months old.. We have a senate hearing to ammend this bill..

      Thanks for visiting our intro.
      -war is fun if you're not in the actual ground.
      -raczide (ign)- Not Anubis Diplomat
      (PS:only playing at world Hephaistos others are just copycat)

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    • BaLTaZaR-PH- wrote:

      so what now?.. ok...
      nothing.. we just want to learn a lot in this new era.. we newbies needs to learn a lot from an expert veteran like you.. :)
      -war is fun if you're not in the actual ground.
      -raczide (ign)- Not Anubis Diplomat
      (PS:only playing at world Hephaistos others are just copycat)