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      Hello everyone!

      This was an initiative in Theta back in 2007 (yes yes..11 years ago..and cheers to memory lane) to form a group that included diplomats from all alliances with the key value of protecting anyone who was unjustly being bullied.

      We were also meant to act as mediators and have the added effect in creating a balanced game that's also war-packed as we were planning to conduct battle tournaments.

      Would be glad to know what you guys think.

      Bottoms up! 8|
      Nostalgic Ikariam ancient.. ?( 8| 8o
    • I really like your idea. It would allow for minor complaints to be solved between Alliances and also let steam off.

      Those Alliances who compete in the Tournaments could win some sort of bragging rights.....maybe a medal added to their External Alliance page....kind of like the Olympics with a gold, silver and bronze. :thumbsup:
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