Banned for no reason

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  • Mertberg wrote:

    Is there a way to complain on the way a ticket is being handled? I simply cant underdstand how you can get a ban and not be informed on what you did exactly.
    You can complain to our senior staff. They will deeply review your case and define a final decision.

    Mertberg wrote:

    MrsniperZ, Im sorry to push this further. Again, I will abstain from discussing the ban, but I will ask some more questions regarding the rules.

    In my ticket I am not told what exactly is the action that broke the rule. I am just said I sent resources to a higher player. You draw a paralel to police officers applying the law. How would it be for you to get arrested because you broke a specific law without any other explanation, like when did you broke the la, where, by which action, what are the proofs, etc.

    By the second replay I got in my ticket it seems it's not about that trade of 1k, but another one.

    So I ask the Go's and the community: if 2 players agree to a trade, but the time frame between the moment each player receives his resources is greater that 48 hours, is it still pushing?

    Example: A and B agree to exchange 10.000 wine for 10.000 sulphur. The distance between the 2 is 10 hours. A, the bigger player sends first the 10k wine. B sends the sulphur the next day. 9 h into the jurney B notices the port of player A is blockaded, so he pulls back his ships - another 9 h jurney back. B has to slepp and work, so he sends the sulphur again the next day (2 days from the moment he received the wine). After another 10 h jurney the ships Finally arive and complete the trade, 1 to 1 ratio. If the go's find that inbetween more that 48 hours have passed - is ther a breach of the pushing rule? If yes, is it worth a ban? If yes, do you thibk that is fair? Is that creating an advantage for any player?

    Again, this is not my case, Im just speculating, as I havent been given the exact reason for my ban.

    P.S. Pepi, arre you the same guy from NASH?
    It is own choice to trade with player 10 hours away. In the time of 48 hours, the player is able to make a fair trade from one to another part of the Ikariam world.

    We do not investigate how far are players and whose port is blocked. If we detect that pushing case is not closed in time of 48 hours, we intervene.

    When you LOG IN, you accept that you read and understood our T&C and rules, our third rule specifies pushing and the time frame in which every pushing case must be closed.

    Please, if you have additional questions, we can continue our conversation on Support.

    Game Staff