Add achievements to Town News

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    • Add achievements to Town News

      Do you like this suggestion? 12
        Yes (10) 83%
        No (2) 17%
      General Information:

      When the player gains an achievement it should appear in the Town News.

      What are you suggesting?

      As above. Plus the reward (favour or whatever) too.

      Something along the lines of

      "Congratulations! You have attained Black Market Achievement level 4. You have gained 50 Favour."

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?


      Suggestion Reason:

      A player might otherwise not notice the achievement.

      Special Notes:

      It's faintly possible that a player could achieve multiple levels of one achievement at the same time. If so, they should be listed in order. Favour is obviously gained only once, but other rewards may accrue and should be listed.
      Alpha: member of Pirate's Cove.
      Beta: Leader of United Galley Slaves.

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    • As long as you can filter these out I have no problem with this.
      I personally have built up more accounts than a person should have, and at this point I just find achievements to be annoying. But yeah, personalisation of your interface is always a good thing, I'll vote yes.
    • This is a good idea.

      Currently, after the achievement is reached, you only get notification when you log in via browser.

      If you play via mobile, you miss out on this notification.

      I try to spread out my achievements so that I can get maximum "Daily Task Points" so this would actually be quiet handy.