Worth pleying?

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  • Worth pleying?

    hello evryone ..i decide to leave my community because oour game moderators were really unfair and they didnt care about us, fair player...
    I decide to came here and play here ......... on list there is mrsniperz for hephaistois server, is he beeter than game moderators on my last community?
    have you ever had some bar or good moments with game moderators here? and is hephaistois active??

    Sorry for my bad english
  • I'd advise you to start on the newest warserver, Ares.

    It started a week ago, while Hephaistos is already 3 months old. Would be easier to catch up with everyone that way, but it also depends on your skill level and online time - warservers can be very fast and time consuming.

    Other than that, the GOs have been doing their job quite fine. Gameforge has started a new trend of making new servers every 3 months or so - if you're willing to wait, you could have a fresh start there and the speed of a normal server.

    Hope it helps :)
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  • All game operators or game staff in all communities are different.In the community of my country game operators are excellent they are always there to help and provide advice.

    Game operators or game staff in this community are also excellent,especially Antikythera, it's always there to listen to you and to advice what's next, it's really the best.
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