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    • mostarac wrote:

      why you have ipshares multis???
      Unbelieveble <X
      Well, if you don't IP share your multi accounts that's against the rules and you get banned for that. Are you suggesting i don't IP share my accounts ( a feature that is in the game ) and get myself banned for breaking the rules?

      I don't think that's right.
    • Pepi wrote:

      VaLenTin wrote:

      Blame the GUY? or Blame you...
      i know you create that multi... Dont act like innocent... Acting so much innocent... its either you or your brother Josh...

      Dont use i dont know.. coz you know... bashing real life names is not tolerable... WE all know you created the multi and changed name it and the worst part is its in your core from the start... how is that possible? Coincidence?
      I know about the Raven, Baltazar, Valentin accounts. They're multi accounts but again, they aren't mine. I know who made them, but they aren't mine. If they decide to troll you guys it's out of my control. If it was me i would own up to it but the thing is, it wasn't me.
      Dont act like your innocent... Who in the world would they know my REAL name if it wasnt you or JOSH told them... You admitted you know them who use that kind of throlls..

      SO its your alliance harbouring Throlls and PMing message me ingame and talk nonsense just to cause ruckus or Cyber attack... Is this what PR alliance has to offer to the game... HARBOUR hatred to enemy...