Newbie Question : Bullying

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  • Newbie Question : Bullying


    I'm sorry to make such topic, but as a week old player, I'm trying to learn and grow.
    I've been playing for a week, minding my own business pillaging some inactive people and allianceless inactive players. Well normal game
    Today, a player came to occupy all my ports, he's way stronger than me, and in a strong alliance. As a new player, I'm now stuck, can't deliver enough wine to all my cities, can't pillage anymore, and can't do resource transfer between my cities to grow.

    So my question is simple, what can I do ? His army and ships are too strong for me, I don't even have the research to unlock them. And there is too many of them. Without being able to transfer many resources (1500 max that I'll use for wine. Btw is it 1500 sent or received ?).

    Can someone advise me on what to do, what to focus on to escape that situation that looks impossible to me ?
  • A week old player? Hmmm.

    What server are you on? Is this in the War server? If yes, I suggest that if you are a newbie, don't try your luck on the war server right away. This is just a suggestion.
    It's called a war server for a reason. If you play there and expect to not be attacked, then that's all on you.

    If you are not on a war server:
    I don't buy the whole "can't deliver enough wine to all my cities."
    You can transport 8000 resources every day. Even a level 27 tavern doesn't use up 8000 wine.
    Unless you ambrosia rushed super bad. I doubt a week old account can't be severely crippled by occupied ports.
    There's still a lot you can do to progress. For sure, it will slow down significantly. But you will never ever be "stuck" if you are still a week old player.

    A lot of people would probably tell you, "Ikariam is a war game, stop crying."
    However, I don't agree with the whole "ikariam is 100% all about war."

    These are several things you can do:
    1. Just wait it out.
    2. Ask for help.
    3. Retaliate.

    Without more details, these are the only things I can think of.
    Hopefully, you share specifics so that it'll be easier to help you or someone else will reply with general answers.
  • Hi thanks for your answer.

    I'm on the war server, and like the challenge, I never expected not to be attacked, that's part of the game and accepted that long time ago, but the full blocus seems hard.
    I'm not crying at all, I'm just wondering what are my options, what I can and should do to escape/fight it back.

    JOSH wrote:

    You can transport 8000 resources every day.

    It's said 1 500 on my port, so I don't know ? But still if it's only 1500 sent, I consume 110/h on 4 cities, only one wine production, so that's 7 500 wine to send, to be at balance.

    I'm not buying any ambrosia.
    I currently have 4 cities, 2 stones, 1 wine, 1 sulfur. All of them around lvl 10-11 town centers.

    I would wait it out but 4 ports occupied, 1 city ground occupied seems like the guy is holding a grudge against me, I'm not sure it'll go by itself before a long time. That's why I'm asking now, what's the direction I should take and what are the strategies to adopt.

    What kind of specifics do you need ?
  • I've sent you a personal message too, check your 'conversations' at the top of the screen

    in this game, players will rarely go out of their way to make such a targeted attack against a small player - what I think the reason is, you might have attacked someone's small multi and now the owner is pissed

    That being said, listen to Josh. War servers are mainly meant to be played by guys who know their way around. Normally, I'd suggest you find yourself a professional alliance - you can play for 5 years alone and you'd still learn more by being surrounded by pros for just 1 month. However, the chances of a pro alliance wanting to take a newbie to turn him into a war machine is very low on a war server, since nobody can allow themselves to have any kind of dead weight on their shoulders.

    In case somebody does want to take you - search for low members, high average score. Alliances with 30-40 members are jokes 99% of the time because their leaders just mindlessly take anyone who sends an application. Stay away from those, you're better off playing alone
    If you're too open minded, your brains will fall out.
  • That's exactly why I'm playing it, fighting against and playing with stronger and more experienced players is the best way to learn, and that's what I'm aiming at.

    You're right I probably attacked and pillaged his small multi(s).

    I'll try to find an alliance, hopefully someone will see potential in me, in 5 days I grew to 8k points, 4 cities of lvl 10-11, I could grow an army of 1k troops in a day or 2. I've read several topics on the forum to try to learn by myself with what others once shared, but I'm sure live experience would be better.

    Thanks you for all your advices
  • Everything I said after the "If you are not on a war server:" only applies if you are not on the war server.
    But you are on the war server, so good luck. :) Again, it's called a war server for a reason.

    Flexta McSignals wrote:

    in this game, players will rarely go out of their way to make such a targeted attack against a small player - what I think the reason is, you might have attacked someone's small multi and now the owner is pissed
    Probably true. Another theory I have that I think is a possibility is maybe he/she/they want your spot/s so they're trying to make you quit.
  • Expect that on war server. Maybe the owner just pissed off because you pillage his multi that is donating to his island or soon to be his island. If he block all your ports then maybe that's the reason. A high total score players doesn't really block all ports of a lower player if you doesn't do anything to make him/her mad. I suggest be a good neighbor or player.
    "All you can do is 'SEE' a bit into the future. But that doesn't matter, cause everyone has the SAME power to change it."

    ~Capone Bege~

  • I don't mind too much aggression, and i'm an aggressive player myself, I've pillaged 300k rss in a couple of days. But yeah the full blocus wasn't expected. And instead of "it was to be expected" I was hoping to advice on the direction I should take to be able to fight it back on my own xD

    But well, too bad
  • the best advice is stay away from his/her multi. It would be much worst if you continue pillaging his/her multi. Pm the player and talk to him/her about it.
    "All you can do is 'SEE' a bit into the future. But that doesn't matter, cause everyone has the SAME power to change it."

    ~Capone Bege~

  • Honestly it doesn't have to be his multies.
    I block the harbor of whatever I'm plundering, and if I see anyone looting the same player I'll block him as well since I now know he's got ressources to steal.
    In other words, the guy occupying you may just want the ressources for himself. I'd do the same.