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    I don't mean to sound impatient, but the last game news update, from June 2nd 2017, included this paragraph:

    Of course, we have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves, including upgrades for units, entirely new units and buildings, a crafting system, and even server events which could have a direct impact on happenings in the game (e.g. earthquakes!).

    Can we not have a further update as to the staus of these ideas, please? I hope the earthquake idea is dead and buried (anyone of my age who played Mine a Million a.k.a. The Business Game board game will know the first task in setting up that game was to REMOVE the random earthquake card, which destroyed the game for one active player, included merely for the sake of "simulation", always a bad idea); but otherwise, new buildings/units/goals mean players will need some time to prepare for these, even before their introduction.

    Thanks Badidol, in anticipation.
  • You have to understand that its not so simple to realize this ideas into the game, that there wouldn't be big problems and how this new ideas will impact further game development.

    DogEnds wrote:

    I hope the earthquake idea is dead and buried
    I hope too that this idea is buried down, because i don't want that some of my max upgraded buildings would be destroyed or its level reduced.

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