question about colossus miracle

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    • question about colossus miracle

      just a quick question about how colossus miracle work

      your enemy sent 1000 units on one go for example (30 rams 30 morts 60 gyro 500 hop 300 sword 70 sulfur carbineer 10 baloons)
      you have some troops in your town that would be attacked and you have level 4 colossus miracle ready

      then miracle would deduct a whole 500 unit from the attacking side.
      question: would the miracle work at random units? is it possible to lose 30 rams 30 morts 70 sc 10 baloons 60 gyros and 300 hops? or would it take 50% of each unit type like 15 rams 15 morts 30 gyros 250 hops 150 swords 35 sc 5 baloons?

      how does it work exactly?