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    • Need an advice

      Hello, I started an account on this server a couple of days ago, and my capital was placed on [1:44], with marble as luxury resource and Demeter's garden as miracle. Being at the border of the world there aren't many players to interact with, and the nearest populated area seems to be around [24:50], that is around 8 hours travel time for cargo ships if I'm not mistaken.

      Now, let me ask some questions:

      Is it worth to settle 8 hours from the capital?

      Should I promote my 1st colony to capital and abandon the 1st city?

      Any advice will be much appreciated.
    • TomColBadil wrote:

      Thanks, that's what I thought.

      EDIT: Tried with another account, and I was placed at the center. I guess it was only bad luck on the first try.
      depends what you want from the game if you just want to build and chill stay on the edge. if you want to interact with poeple. trade fight ect move to the middle.

      if youre on the war server doesnt actually take long to get set up again.

      best of luck.

      message me in game if you need anything
    • message me in-game too if you need support,, i will give you support. well, moral support. :D
      I DON'T trust words,

      servers playing: Eijipe
      Kaikias - Alliance SYN
      War Server - Alliance -PR-