Pushing Rule and Alliances

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  • Pushing Rule and Alliances

    General Information: Several of us have been banned at one time or another for Pushing when the resources have been sent freely, without any duress

    What are you suggesting? Pushing should not apply when the exchange or gifting of resources is between two players in the same alliance

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? Players would be able to donate resources to other players in their alliance, as it permitted in most other games. This would also introduce another tactical level, as alliance members could choose to specialize in different resources.

    Suggestion Reason: Several of us have been banned for this when there is no suggestion of a weaker player being disadvantaged, which is the main object of the rule. The proposed change would retain the protection for weaker players, while allowing free distribution of resources within an alliance.

    Special Notes: The only change proposed is for it not to be considered pushing if the players involved are in the same alliance. The protection of weaker players against extortion would remain
  • Suggestion denied - as this is a game rule and a fair rule

    Smaller players should always be getting support from larger players - Fair trades are easy to do among each other with intentions of making smaller players to grow :)

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