New alliance, A3011 is recruiting

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    • New alliance, A3011 is recruiting

      A3011 (Atlantis) is currently taking applications. We are looking for both experienced and semi-experienced players who enjoy playing the game. We would rather have 10 players who are active and who know how to play the game as opposed to 100 players who haven't a clue and are partially inactive.

      Good Donations
      Not a Farm
      A decent military score.
      When applying tell us your experiences, how long you have played the game, your general location, etc.

      Alliance Name Atlantis

      Alliance Tag A3011

      Founder of alliance and/or current leader Deadeye

      Contact person or diplomat Currently me. As I get more members this will change and I will update it then.

      Brief description of Alliance We are a friendly, close-knit alliance looking for people who enjoy playing the game. While we would like you to have some knowledge of the game that's not necessarily mandatory. As long as you're willing to learn, aren't a leecher or a farm you will be welcome here.

      My IGN is Deadeye
      EDIT Upon Request - Kikoguns

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    • Hey whats up !!
      Good luck to your new alliance
      I like your description of your guild ….
      Applications without a cover letter and refences will be rejected ..LOL

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