I want to start again

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  • I want to start again

    I haven't played this game for at least 5 years maybe more...

    I was playing to the Greek servers back in the days.

    I don't remember much of the game, I want to ask if the game is active enough so I can come back...
    Is it worth it... or should I look for other strategy games?
    Is it pay to win?

    Also, is there anyone out there that would want to team up... because such game is not to be played without a proper team. Teach me :D
  • Hello,

    from the first hand, I would like to tell you that our latest servers are quite active with a lot of wars and fun. We opened Ares server where you can pillage gold and everything is speeded up :).

    The game is not p2w and you can be on top of the high scores with smart ruling of your kingdom.


  • BRO ...its active but not like before
    The point is that you are from GREECE(ellinas ise )message me in forum ASAP brother …
    Or join Hephaistos sever and message me there..(its up to you )
    (you gonna find me as Salah ad-din )