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      General Information: Tournament Base Events

      What are you suggesting? Im suggesting that we need another form of event other than piracy that will help make the servers alive

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? One on One or 2vs2 or 3vs3 depends on the tournament schedule and what you applied for. Tournament List will be available like 2-3 days before and accounts will be in another realm on the time of the battle and safe from attacks from other players on his server.

      Suggestion Reason: Currently it is boring. Very Boring that you will need to make another account on another server just to have fun because your server is obviously dying

      Special Notes: I need suggestions from Players and Go's also. And i think entry fee should be in ambrosia so that everyone will be buying and will keep the game alive.
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    • I appreciate the fact that money needs to come from somewhere to keep the game going (ambrosia) on one hand.........but on the other there are many players whom do not use ambrosia at all, and they could not enter and play.

      What if entry was a large quantity of goods? Like upgrading a GR............those who do not buy ambrosia would still have an opportunity to participate, and those whom have it can use it to buy marble wine enter.

      The winners get the Jackpot of Goods!
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      I love this suggestion.
      Making cross server war viable would be absolutely awesome. There's a couple of problems though. An account of 100k TS will be on a disadvantage from an account on 10 mil TS. (10 mil being what I generally mark as the point of which size really doesn't make a difference anymore). This means there would be some balancing problems, which we could choose just to ignore, I wouldn't mind. But yeah, I don't know how we would make that work.
      In terms of the duration, if it's a 1v1, 2v2, etc, the servers shouldn't be open for more than a week at a time. That is more than enough time if the instance is made specifically for them. I believe everyone should use their own account, since people play with a wide variety of accounts, and making one "standard" wouldn't work, and as such research should be a thing, this is irrelevant however since everyone will have the time and date, and everyone can save up in advance.

      Making the price be ressources it would also need to scale on account size, making the price and entry be ambro the price wouldn't need to be scaled. I suppose there's ups and downs for both. Maybe you could participate without ambro, but you wouldn't get the chance to win the ambro jackpot.
      I think the idea has plenty of potential, a yes from here.
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      My understanding is that a Gauntlet War is a way within a specific game server world to declare war, either by alliance vs alliance or player vs player. This would allow cross server war; which, as pointed out by Abaged would certainly put a different spin on things.

      As an example: every "world" has their top players, but here the top players could find out which one of them reigns truly supreme.

      And unlike in a Gauntlet War where the winner or winners walk away with bragging rights, here they would also get a tangible reward.
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      I mean I couldn't care less if I'd walk away with a reward, the bragging rights is the real reward.
      The difference would be (as I understood the suggestion), that this is a server, hosting only the participating accounts. This would mean there would be no other players around, no random multi pressing colos, and maybe more importantly, no one would have to complain their cities were occupied from time to time.
      It would also work alongside a ladder system, and as such we could actually see who deserves their recognition as a "fighter". Not to mention the one server I play on, on eng is more or less dead. Something to spend time on would be very welcome.
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      Not gonna happen... There were lot of suggestions about tournaments but GF never want to try it... It is just to hard to make it good in this game and give everyone chance... First free time, than miracles, than some play with fleet, someone play with army, than some players have 50k generals, some can have 5-6k max, some needs 1 hour to island where they should play, some needs 2 days etc... This is just some reasons why GF doesnt want to try it.... On RS ikariam players always wanted some kind of torunament but we never could get it from GF...

      My friened and I orgnised it alone 2 yeras ago...
      20 playeres, fleet, 6 rounds, two battles....
      It took 2 months to finish it... Great fun but it was so hard because of many reasons I said, and some more...
      If you want something like that make it on your own... Forget GF.... ;)
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      I like this idea but believe that making it cross server makes it too hard for GF to implement (they cannot even get the merger mechanism to work). Rather I believe that this should be an alliance mechanism whereby players within the alliance can fight each other for a period of a tournament or compete in who has grown the most percent wise in a week or month. The winner of the tournament should get goods like in piracy. Since most servers are dying and all that are left are 2 or three active alliances this would keep the game fun for those players.
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