theatre bonuses

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  • theatre bonuses

    I have a question to ask ... months now
    Why at Hephaistos sever there is not theatre movies
    it gives 20% wood for 12 h 20% of luxury goods(marble etc) and 50 favour
    It helps a lot..only by watching 1 min video of (gameforge) online games
  • Its because Hephaistos is special type server and this type servers don't have cinetheater and if I'm not wrong, than in this type of servers other ''holiday'' bonuses don't apply too, like faster ships and etc.
    By special I mean that this server have 30% more resource income and 20% faster building speed.

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  • You are a hero Natsu sama
    thanks for your answer ,I dint know ,and being honest I have forgot it that some servers have special bonuses different from the others
    Edit..btw the other server I am its normal..its a building what I am saying at the right of the town..hmmm complicated

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  • I found it.i was right ....but we don't have cinetheatre cuz
    Note: due to the special nature of these servers they, like the last time, will be excluded from any events that add special bonuses.

    Greetings to All Islanders
    Watch other Gameforge titles and gain your 20% bonuses and favours in one of your favourite cities.

    Furthermore, your Cinetheatre will be staying in your cities on a permanent basis.
    So Enjoy the Show!

    Your Ikariam Team.

    Cinetheatre Basic Information
    - You must watch the video to the end in order to get the bonus.
    - The production bonuses last 12 hours and only apply to the town where you watched the video.
    - So think carefully about where you're going to visit the theatre.
    - You can only earn favour here once per day. And note that to gain any favour, you must have a Palace
    - You should deactivate ad-blocker and/or script-blocker; you should also check for flash.

    thread can close .thanks

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