Have I been thoroughly scammed???

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  • Have I been thoroughly scammed???

    Last week I bought ambro , as I often do, to take advantage of town move discount, no problem...I realised I had not bought enough & when I tried to buy more was told there was an error & to contact support.
    I sent a ticket to support...they passed it onto billing support (who banned the account from buying anything), they sent ticket onto verifying support.
    This morning I get a ticket reply telling me to send them a copy of my passport / id & a copy of my bank details & credit card including full name & card numbers.
    I will not be sending anything, or buying ambro again.& have changed all my passwords as this really does not sound right.
    Anyone else had ambro probs.???
  • No, you are not being scammed. Billing support is the only one to solve these kind of problems with real money and you can trust them. Most probably they want to make sure you are a valid person with valid bank account, not a cheater. You don't need to give them all your cards, only the ones you used to buy, only info to prove who you are and you really have money.

    This happened to me too, few years ago.
    I don't know your situation and we cannot discuss it here, but let me tell you something about mine. At some point in time I bought a lot of ambrosia, just like you, for some clear purposes (no need to mention them). Until that time, I bought very little here and there, only 3 euro each, but just this once, after a long-time absence, I bought a big quantity during a 50% Happy Hour. My account was banned instantly. I was upset and confused, but then I understood: they were worried about big transactions with money especially during Happy Hour.
    I replied to all their questions, honestly and with details, they checked all I said and released my account the next day.
  • Thanks for your answer...that sounds like my problem except it was not Happy Hour & I have been buying ambro fairly regularly. It would be nice if support could give me a reason like you are trying to...unfortunately I will not send them what they are asking for, a copy of my passport & a copy of my card statement on an unsecured site.... it is against the new GDPR European Data protection rules, so i guess i will remain banned...pity after 8 years of game play.
  • If you used a debit/credit card they already have the data of the card owner. You only have to prove it is your card and it's not stolen or faked.
    The site is secured, it is https.
    And if you think that GDPR prevents them from seeing real data of customers buying with real money then you are deeply wrong. GDPR only makes some rules of processing and protecting this data.
    Banks do not deal with ghosts but with real persons, everything involving money is recorded and kept according to other laws and GDPR is not against it.
    The bank also protects me if I try to send you money, for example. Let's say you give me an account number to transfer you money. When I use my bank application to send you money from my card and I put your number the app gives me the name of the owner of the account so I can be sure where I send my money. as a double check.
    That's exactly what they are trying to do: to identify the owner of the card to see if it matches their records.
  • Antikythera is right.

    These measurements are meant to protect you from thefts. It is similar to banks measurement when they ban your credit card in case of buying too much until you pay them a visit or prove in someway that it was you. :)

    Data Protection Rules protect your information from being stolen by a third party. Gameforge is a trusted company just like any other company you buy online through. They already have your full data, but they just need proof that your IDs matches their data. Go for it, buddy. All the websites of GF are https which are secured. :)
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  • redragonlady wrote:

    it is against the new GDPR European Data protection rules, so i guess i will remain banned..
    In what way? I am more than sure that after resolving this issue their requirements are to destroy all the sent copies.
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  • You are free to ask how your data is treated, what kind of measures were put in place to protect your data, and what happens when your case will be closed. I can confirm that Gameforge worked hard recently to put in place all GDPR measures required by EU: maybe you remember that lot of sites had to close access to European users since they did not comply to such regulations, but GF sites are still open... Well, be sure that nobody will use your data in a improper way.
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