Piracy raids have added time

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    • Piracy raids have added time

      General Data

      Browser (+full version data): Chrome

      Account Data (in Options ingame)
      Server/World: alpha, beta, pi, rho
      InGame Name: Cassiopea/Cassiopeia

      Other/Further Information: Whenever I send a piracy raid to another player either on same island or off island, when I open the military adviser timer shows +5/6 sec on the count down. So instead of 5min 0 sec it shows 5min 5 sec, or instead of 10 min, it shows 10 min 5sec, etc. I do use lvl 5 posseidon, not sure if it is same without the miracle activated. It may be part of the fixing the bug of fixing bugs..

      Screenshot (if any):

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    • The timer actually adds some seconds for pillages as well..will check for transporting goods soon as well. And everyone can easily check, just send a piracy raid for example and asap check the military adviser, you will see there is 5 sec added, but time of arrival is shown without the 5 sec, the raid actually happens with the 5 sec added and then returns for the correct time.

      P.S. That is not such a big thing..I am just pointing it out since I noticed it...if devs in future decide to fix it, please do it in test server first :)

      "On the contrary, woman is the best equipped machine ever went to battle"
      -Richard Le Gallienne
      "Asking polite with a gun in your hand is better than asking polite with nothing."
    • When my ships return from pillage and clock goes to 0 seconds I too have to wait extra 5 seconds before i can send them again, but that only happens when i play from phone (google chrome browser not Ikariam application) but from pc everything works correct.

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    • 5 seconds are not the end of the world. They have a perfectly good explanation even if we do not know it exactly.
      First there are some delays in loading pages in browser or app, then there are delays in doing server stuff. Milliseconds, but you notice them when the second changes.
      Secondly, clocks are not all the same. Each computer have a different clock. Computer clocks are maintained locally and server is just another computer more powerful. All are updated periodically using a more precise internet clock.

      But... we are dealing here with a software (ikariam game) that runs on a computer and receives pages from server, and those 2 times are not synchronized perfectly.
      The countdown shown in military advisor is another time, a "software" clock. It does not read the computer clock, nor the server clock at every second. The countdown is a simple script based on your computer processor cycles that depends on the speed of your mainboard bus. It is not very precise, not even like the computer clock maintained by a separate battery and displayed based on hardware interrupts.
      That's why the countdown display is updated with the server clock when you refresh the page and that's why you see few seconds difference, usually more seconds so you do not lose one specific moment in time that you are waiting for, like arrival of an army. Just refresh the page near the end of countdown to see correct time.