Shain the traitor and norths

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  • No worries jay I know who you are in reality behind a pc and a chair is hiding the young sister of shain
    Dane was right about you since the beginning
    So tell us more shain..where you gonna send him ?any plans ?he is a good agent .
    hey jay tell us more about your guild what is happening a month now ?
    nuh I forgot ..1 month you didn't know whats was happening cuz you were busy hahaha
    hey leader of the snake valley .. we are fighting 1 month now...but the war for you it begun 2 days are a joke I am gonna speak to all the greek community ,I have your pics..we gonna write-complain in gameforge
  • Spooky scary skeletons.

    You and the Greek community, you get together and you write-complain in gameforge.

    By the way. 1 month from now is September. I dont know what that has got to do with Ikariam, but whatever. Ill help you out.

    Look here MY TITLE IS "JAY THE SNAKE". I dont know where you got this "valley" from, but I'm not about that life.
    North Sea Empire.

    TBBDV unable to face basic banter, breaks down and runs away.

    Something that was totally foreseeable, after getting told about how unimportant he was. TBBDV was quoted saying "Dane,torden and me refuse to speak with you ". Shortly after he stated that "no diplomacy from now on..GET LOSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT". Upon asking the leader of North how he felt about this he stated. "I dont understand why he is so salty, I only asked him how much he could bench press.".

    How this will effect the rest of The Hephaistos server, is yet to be seen. However one thing is for sure. Outlaws are having a supa tough time at the moment.
    North Sea Empire.