Why shain chooses North over OUT

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  • Shain wrote:

    calling me a girl haha.. but sorry for you im a dude. Then whats the problem if a player is a girl.. youre being gender biased mate. Too typical from where you came from...
    I think we should gather all the girls in ikariam community and write a complain about TBBDV being misogynistic :)
  • You didn't answered me my questions or accepted the fact that you are a traitor that means we don't have nothing to say
    Also what I can understand is that you keep mentioning other players in our conversation because you are so weak and daddy girl ,its a bad habit that you have it until now when you feel bad or unprotected
    Shain the traitor ….that now he wants us to prove that he is a angel hahha Shain at the end of the day ,you are a traitor ..
    Keep fooling your self and change subject ...that's you I guess

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