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  • I've not been back all that long, but I have picked up on the regular discounts. Thanks for those buy the way.
    I've used a few of them this year.

    But I did hear of a discount given for trade ships from someone who sent over 200 ships across to my port with some trade goods.
    Searched and its been a few years since the last Phoenician sale. Expanding my merchant fleet is something I'd like to do.
    Another one that I missed was the Spartan unit.
    Found this as I was checking the achievement lists. That's going to be a tough on to check off... I believe the last sale was in 2016.
    Any chance these will be returning?

    I also wonder what other discounts/sales people would find attractive.
    I like the idea of a matched resource donation. ie: for a short time any donations made to a resource would be matched by the game. 1:1 would be nice :)
    The Triton engines are nice. But a temporary increase in capacity would be even better for me. Like the warehouse doubling.

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  • i would like a new one to be honest,

    You should be able to buy 5 or 10% building cost reduction

    1 day= 10 ambro, 3 days= 50 ambro and 10days= 180 ambro

    This one should be bought as *snip* people would put ambro into the game to buy this i think, this should not be a common discount just like 3 times/year or something, it mean you can buy alot when it's arrive and storage it for the future :)

    Warning - Hera

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