Improve the piracy rewards!

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  • Improve the piracy rewards!

    General Information: The piracy nowdays is dead like the game overall you don't see any bigger meaning of go 100% tryhard for piracy!

    What are you suggesting? Improve the rewards something like the winner get *5 their safe recourses and top 40-50 get *2

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    Suggestion Reason:
    Before the piracy were something that gave a reason to revenge and fight for it gave ALOT of ambrosia to Gameforge and people really fighted for their position it were worth the recourses!
    Special Notes:
  • Thank you for submitting your suggestion - unfortunately this is to be denied as a Dead end ideas

    Hopla wrote:

    • Reverting the patch
      While Gameforge strives to make every patch the best it can, it can still introduce bugs or other quirks in the system they didn't see. These issues will be taken care of in future patches. There is no reason to request or suggest that we revert the code to a previous version. Reverting the patch also includes removing any features, modifications or bugfixes.

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