A Server Without Piracy and Multiple Accounts

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  • A Server Without Piracy and Multiple Accounts

    General Information:

    What are you suggesting?
    A new Ikariam server without the piracy feature of the game and without multiple accounts.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    It will not change the gameplay in the normal servers of course, only in that specific server. The piracy feature will not exist and multiple accounts will not be allowed. Two accounts which are operated by the same IP will be automatically, permanently banned.

    Suggestion Reason:
    Ikariam is (or at least was) a LONG TERM strategy massive multiplayer game. The piracy feature of the game changed that, and transformed Ikariam into a SHORT TERM game where your progress in the game depends only on your ability to stay online, click and then grouping up with an alliance member to raid the fake accounts (or other numerous types of cheating and avoiding Ikariam's core features). When we compare this to the pre-piracy Ikariam, your progress in the game used to depend on your long-range decisions and not your short-range clicks.

    Justified multiple accounts are people who played on two servers which got merged and different people who live in the same house. This type of server will never be merged anyways since the normal servers include piracy, and this one will not. People who live in the same house will have no choice but to play on the normal servers, just like know.

    One of the main arguments used by players who support piracy is that players who don't love this mini-game don't have to play it. This is not true of course since the enormous amount of resources this mini-game gives the winners simply does not allow players not to play it. If you don't play it, you are simply irrelevant due to your low total score and then the game is pointless. If this type of server is created, then players who don't like piracy will truly have a chance to play without piracy.

    Piracy creates inflation of resources, this means that resources lose their value, in comparison with the pre-piracy Ikariam where there were less resources. When it is harder to get resources, their value is higher, which means the fight over them is much more important, exciting and fun. In addition, in the pre-piracy Ikariam 99.999999% of the resources were created in the mills, over time by some player, and they did not appear from nowhere using piracy which means they worth more.

    This server will not harm any existing account at all, in any way, since it won't change the old servers.

    One of the most beautiful facts about pre-piracy Ikariam is that every feature of it has some sort of logic when you compare is to the ancient world. The piracy feature of the game has absolutely no logic, empires did not use pirates to raid other empires, empires did not have 10 other fake empires near them, they did not attack the fake empires of friendly empires using pirates, the rulers did not have to click a button every 2.5 minutes to get capture points, they did not use mobile cities to attack other empires and they did not ask weaker empires near them to produce capture points for them. This entire process did not give empires tons of resources and it has no Ancient Greece logic at all. Those who still disagree should play on the normal servers.

    It is known that GameForge makes a lot of money out of piracy. However, piracy and multies are killing the game and discouraging pre-piracy players, which means that maybe piracy is profitable in the short term, but in the long term it kills the game. If the game management still disagrees and thinks that the current situation is more profitable, then this server can perhaps be a paid server, which means that you pay for creating an account or for maintaining one. If that is the case, then ambrosia should also not exist in that specific server. However, I emphasize that this specific suggestion thread is about a new free server without piracy and multi accounts and this is what you should vote for or against.

    Special Notes:
    I love Ikariam because it is a game which makes you think deeply about your next moves. This suggestion will not harm any existing accounts, only revive Ikariam and perhaps bring it back to its former glory.
  • Thank you for submitting your suggestion - unfortunately this is to be denied as a Dead end ideas

    Hopla wrote:

    • Reverting the patch
      While Gameforge strives to make every patch the best it can, it can still introduce bugs or other quirks in the system they didn't see. These issues will be taken care of in future patches. There is no reason to request or suggest that we revert the code to a previous version. Reverting the patch also includes removing any features, modifications or bugfixes.

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