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  • Accessibility

    What are you suggesting?
    1. Showing the "go to miracle" button in the temple while the miracle is activated or still in cooldown,
    2. Being able to click the name of the city offering a trade from the trading post and get to its island

    Suggestion Reason: Faster accessibility.
  • Thank you for your suggestion - Your suggestion has been denied due to the following:

    Hopla wrote:

    • It being a duplicate of an existing suggestion: If a suggestion is the same as a different one, having more then one thread about it is confusing and tends to cause a thread or two to be ignored. Closing these threads do not mean the idea isn't valid, just that someone else thought of it already.
    • Too much in one suggestion: If too much is tried to be posted at once, it confuses people into knowing what they are actually voting on. Thus there's a limit to only one idea per thread.

    Suggestion "1" of "go to the miracle" has already been suggested and reported to Gameforge - Cooldown or activated time miracles

    as for suggestion "2" - I cant seem to find if that has already been suggested - please feel free to resubmit - but please also follow the setup of submitting a suggestion and include as much information as you can.

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