Game strategy

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  • Game strategy

    Hello Ikarians!

    Well, now I get a news that wants to open a new server in the Portuguese community of Ikariam, so that I was enthusiastic about the idea of returning to vice.
    What's new is that one day you go and you do not ask for help, you do not have to worry about news that is not so successful, but an opportunity to get to know the constructions to build better.

    I await your answers :)

  • I spent a bit of my time to read some posts created in the forum regarding the new server and thought to create this post precisely to be able to discuss opinions on forms of game and strategies, each one!
    That way I will present my attempt to play strategy and I hope for your opinions;)

    In all cities:
    - Town hall
    - Palace / Residence
    - Academy
    - Port Mercantile
    - Warehouse
    - Deposit
    - Taverns
    - Wine cellars
    - Museum
    - Workshop (crystal city and destroyed after upar all soldiers)

    - Manufacture of pyrotechnics (city of sulfur to produce troops at lower costs)
    - Quarter
    - Shipyard

    - Wall
    - Spying

    - Mason / Vicultor / Glass Manufactory / Alchemist Tower
    - Forest Guard
    (in my opinion it is more advantageous to increase production because we can contribute to the mines and forests)

    Then in empty spaces put black market or common market
    Just like temples, the monument is always Forge building temples

  • I love your enthusiasm and recommend the following reading materials:

    Beginner's Guide:

    Expert Guide :

    Defense :

    As Ikariam is at it's heart a battle game, you should also consider the following to influence your town building

    Land Battle:

    Sea Battle:

    As everyone plays differently, there is a million different strategies and ways to play Ikariam. None of them are wrong. Find your strengths and use those tactics that play to those strengths. I would also consider the use of some other Miracles such as Poseidon. Remember that one of the best weapons a player in Ikariam has is speed.

    I look forward to seeing your own strategy.
    (n) The tendency not to start anything until you've had a cup of coffee
  • Metalion wrote:

    Thanks for your help, i hope more people will comment and discuss game strategy

    You may find many different strategy from one player to another with each own reason and one will say his is better than hers or the other way around.

    Tips from me, make sure when you build another town, try your best to make the corruption period shorter, meaning build your Governor's Residence quickly to not drain your gold. Enjoy playing ;)