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    So does anyone remember this - Message from the Portfolio Manager

    This is where the portfolio manager (who I have only seen and heard of once. Hope he’s ok xD) gave us an update on where they look to take the game and a few ideas on what’s to come.

    Now this got me really excited to continue playing Ikariam again. However this was June 2017. We are still yet to see any new features come in... are they still working on these? Is anyone going to still be around by time they are implemented?

    Personally I’m currently bored with the current format of the game. Play for 3-6months then have to start again when a new server comes out. Having to either pay to win or barb 24/7 to keep up. Problem with barbing 24/7 is when you stop to finally attack people, the pay to wins get so far ahead. So no one fights anymore.

    Piracy is almost pointless now because you’re so much more better off to barb with that mobile then use it for piracy.

    For me I don’t think I can play when I know exactly how things are going to go. I will start a server. Barb for the whole server. Then start again. Maybe have a war or two with no great meaning.

    Changes I would like to see:

    Barbs - Like the piracy nerf the barbs have got to stupid take them out. Will force people to learn how to fight and pillage. Manage gold better.

    Troop packs - people just abuse them with multis. To much of a boosted start. Really over powered linking barbs and packs.

    Shrink the map - not enough players to have an incredibly big map. The centre of the map is hardly getting populated now (other than the first week when everyone is making multis and random accounts to try get a good island. Plus random spawners).

    Add some features what the portfolio manager suggested. It’s been 15 months surely some of the code has been written? We don’t need a massive update just need little bits to spice up the game. The new servers are kinda doing that with the bonus features. But nothing really new.

    Anyway would be interested to see what other people think about what they would like to see in the game. For quick fixes and future projects. I won’t be playing till there’s something new or a good change. Haven’t played for the last month. I’m sure others are the same.
  • I agree that the map its so big especially at late in the game when are only few players
    But when the most people do and they got bored late in the game is ..
    They choose the best islands far away from everybody and they loose the entertainment- excitement that its happening at the centre of the map
    I have seen also many players with the best wonders but they hardly ever use them because they got bored after few months ,its normal..when you are far away from the civilization you loose 90% of this game
    Whats the point to have 6 forges and colossus if you use them 1 time per month
    This game is not only barbarians-building-piracy and repeat. Its about wars-teamwork-farming
    I guess that's why I never got bored with it.

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