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  • With multiple attacks by multiple players in the last 24 hours it appears EBB have effectively gone to war against -N-

    I assume there’s no formal declaration on here because it kinda looks bad when you sneak attack an alliance 1/3 your size for no reason, but doing it without a declaration is even worse.

    -N- have suffered significant losses and the attacks appear to be continuing.

    It would be nice to see what EBB have to say about this.
  • I went to vmode three minutes before 1500 troops were due to hit a town that had around 1.5 million in goods (my fleet was there, but Rafiq had built a mobile to attack from, so I didn’t have time to get the last few shipments of goods in to get the GR upgrade kicked off). It seemed the wisest course of action in the circumstances.

    I’m back, GR is upgrading, and I’m thus not at risk of losing massive plunder.
  • Well, NesT up there (who wasn’t involved this time, and got spanked when he attacked me out of the blue a couple of months back) says that “pillaging is part of the game”.

    Entirely true, which is why in the last two days I have pillaged twice what I lost to the initial EBB attacks (after I was online, they got no further pillage from me). Pillage enables growth.

    However I suspect the real explanation is that they just aren’t very smart (there was so much Ambro used to jump towns around, they would have probably been better advised to just buy 250k goods packs with it...)

    War thread with no CR's for 7 days - Closed - Helen357

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