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    Hi guys, I have a question again :D
    We are in a war. We are ten members in alliance. So my plan is five members fight, other five members help who are fight with an enemy. Otherwise five members send me sulphur and materials then I will make a soldier and attack enemy. Is that pushing or illegal? We really need to do this....
  • As I know, there is no declaration of rules during the war.
    The rule of pushing is also during the war.

    You can only get resources from more ranked players.

    Conflict Rules
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  • The pushing rule is *snip*! tbh it's my opinion! we never heard about that rule on Swedish server because we never used it! bigger players helped smaller players into the game with protection and recourses!

    The pushing rule don't help an alliance it can destroy one! that's the truth nowdays!
    EDIT - Watch your words - Kikoguns

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  • Watch the words of expression.

    The server on Serbia is the same rules as here.
    Bigger players helped smaller players in the gamme and on the English server.it's not problem.

    An Inappropriate favor is strictly forbidden (PUSHING) for on all servers worldwide.
    Life is an eternal struggle.
    Who does,he can.Who knows no fear,goes forward.
  • As long as the accounts that are sending resources are bigger than the accounts receiving, it is ok. If not then other resources must be returned in exchange.
    May be best is the 5 members that support to build whatever units u need and sell it for gold min price through the black market...this way there is no pushing, no matter how big or small are the accounts.

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  • What you do is set up a supply chain: you sell your goods to the fighters at a low cost and buy their surplus resources at a high cost. This feeds gold to the fighters. You will need at least two Trading Ports. You then set up a Black Market (preferably two) so the fighters can buy military units from you (at low cost) - be sure to set up Trade Treaties and to coordinate sales so the fighters don't get sniped.
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