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  • Hi

    No is not be 134 damage.he stell in 133 damage.

    Every upgrade in the workshop strengthens units for +1 levl,when you upgrade all the units in the workshop they will be strengthened to the maximum or +3,all units reinforced to the maximum in the workshop are much stronger than units that are not reinforced in the workshop and cause greater damage to the opponent during the battle.
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  • Hi,

    Using your workshop is an important step toward making your units stronger. As you keep researching at your academy you will unlock new troops, which you can then also upgrade at your workshop, provided it is leveled up enough. Also, one workshop will level up all your units, so you only need one.

    helpful reading:


    Hope this answered your questions,
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  • To upgrade all units to the maximum.You need a 28 lvl workshop.

    The workshop builds on a crystal,because besides gold you need a much crystal.
    Life is an eternal struggle.
    Who does,he can.Who knows no fear,goes forward.
  • The workshop works exactly like you think it does.
    A catapult as you said has 133 base damage. Fully upgraded it will have 136. An increase of ~2%.
    For a hoplite with a base of 18 however it will do 21 damage. An increase of ~17%.
    Use your crystal wisely in the beginning. When choosing between units, the lower base dmg (and armor), the greater value of the upgrade.
  • Abeged, If you are right i wanna say something about that.. I think we can use maths at war. If 50 hoplits are getting +1 +2 +3 armors, they could be better as a percentage than 16 steam giants. Largers numbers earn more, am i right? for example:
    hoplit basic damage= 18
    steam giant= 42
    it is 2.3x

    When full upgrade:
    hoplit basic damage= 21
    steam giant= 45
    it is 2.14x

    And hoplits getting 50x +3 damage, steam giants 16x +3 damage... I am not engineer, if i am wrong please say me.
  • You can indeed apply math.
    I am working full time at the moment, and as such the time I wish to doing the same math several times is falling. Feel free to look up several of my posts where I have done math. From memory I can tell you there's one in the thread called "ikariam, the novel". Just skip past the guide, and the math will be beneath. Some of the information is a little outdated, but the core of the math and the general principle still holds true. Any changes you'll also be able to find on my profile, from discussions I've had on the board.
  • Yes land units get +1 damage and +1armour per upgrade for total of +3. Eventually you will upgrade all units and ships, but in early stages when you need crystals for gr upgrades, academy upgrades may want to prioritise some unit upgrades over others. As you have noticed the catapults getting from 133 damage to 136 is not of such importance as of hops, if you need the crystal to build buildings, then use it for that and later on when u have spare you go back and upgrade the units that aren't making such difference if upgraded or not.
    It has been a while since I have started a brand new account, so I don't exactly remember what unit is best to upgrade first and is it better to do damage or armour or both...but this is from one of the guides here in this forum

    "The Workshop
    Here it is important to upgrade your units. You should do every upgrade you can. However there are some priorities to upgrade first. On frontline and flank units upgrade both the attacks and defense. On longrange units upgrade their attack first. On artillery, wait until you've upgrade most other things. On carriers, bombadiers, gryocopters, and Paddlewheel steamboats upgrade both attack and defense. Units to not upgrade are archers, slingers, and ballista ships until you have upgraded everything else. Keeping your workshop on a crystal island will save time on shipping."

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  • @Abeged thanks for advice, I'm too lazy to read this right now, maybe when I need that I can read. Actually it is too long and hard for me... My English is not good enough for understand, Translate isn't good enough but it seems good, I will try to read later, thanks!
  • It's clearly very unbalanced.

    Some upgrades can be literally useless, such as artillery damage.
    Others can turn the tide in some battles, such as front line armour, flanks damage, armour.

    You're wise enough to do the maths and find out what to upgrade.

    PS: Don't scrimp on useful upgrades, they really help.