would this work...

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  • would this work...

    Ok so the last time I really played this game was before the barbarian village was introduced so it is a new concept to me.

    I am thinking of making my 6th colony an MAB specifically for barbarians - would this work? I mean if I set up a colony for the sole purpose of pillaging the barbarians on that island and sending the goods back to my base islands, then delete it and do the same again on another island etc. Is this allowed?

    I am in an area of the map with few players and this seems like an easy(ish) way to compensate for the lack of real targets for pillaging.
  • It's allowed, but i don't think that it would be quite profitable, because every time i would have to build port and warehouses or dump again. And besides that, after 15 attacks to specific barbarian village level, amount of loot decreases by 5 %. By that I mean, if you 15 times will pillage lvl 20 village, than in next time when you pillage exact villages level you will get 5% less resources and every time the amount drops down till there is only left 5% from basic resource amount.

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  • you just attack it again, and take the remaining loot.

    It's when you don't have enough ships to carry all the loot, so once the ships come home, just attack the barbarian town again asap, while it's still on fire and rebuilding to the next level. There's enough time to take all the loot. I usually just attack it again with spearmen and ships because its defenseless during that time.
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  • jaycz wrote:

    Ok, didn't know about the 5% decrease in loot, so just to clarify:

    Up to 15 attacks on the same level village - 100% loot
    16 attacks - 95% loot
    17 attacks - 90% loot
    18 attacks - 85% loot
    Not quite that.
    16 attack 95% loot
    17 attack 95% from 16 attack
    18 attack 95% from 17 attack

    The scariest monsters are the ones, that lurk within our souls.