Abeged "introduction"

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    • Abeged "introduction"

      So I'm not much for introducing myself, I tend to get lost in the deep space known as concentration and end up writing a novel.

      Which is why: "introduction", is in quotation marks. I'm sort of hoping you guys will direct my writing in order to prevent walls of text.

      Thought it was about time I made one of these, just in case.
    • Hi!

      Do you prefer to type up your thoughts or write them down by hand?

      What do you like more, black or blue pens?

      Favorite subject in school?
      (n) The tendency not to start anything until you've had a cup of coffee
    • - "Do you prefer to type up your thoughts or write them down by hand?"
      I take it you mean paper/pixel based. My handwriting is beyond awful and unreadable, most of the time for me included. So yeah, I prefer typing down my thoughts, I've used a computer for so long I type in a speed I couldn't match if I were to write on paper with both hands at the same time. I also tend to listen to music at all times I'm writing longer segments, so I need the computer anyways.

      I like black pens. Black on white will forever be superior to blue on white. I will never be convinced otherwise.

      - "Favorite subject in school?"
      Well.. Math and statistics. I don't think that's a secret though. I find it fun to calculate on more or less anything from time to time. Ikariam is great for that.

      - "Where are you and how old are you?"
      Well at the moment I'm in Australia, I'm from Denmark though. I'm working down here while exploring whatever I can while still making it to my job. I'm 19, bartending at a cocktail bar in Sydney. Which ties into favorite drink. I make cocktails for a living, so I've come to enjoy simplicity. I'd say my favorite cocktail is probably a european style Daiquiry. (I can provide the recipe if anyone's interested). As for food... I mean I like everything, I don't think anything beats a nice steak with a great beer though.