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  • chym wrote:

    And again, we will not participate in UCH vs 11. (It will be my birth week so party all the way, Ikariam V-mode is incoming) :bday:

    chym wrote:

    Bob Jay and filozof will confirmed this again soon.

    I confirm. We are not participating in the UCH War. As we are currently fighting Wolf.

    Also you all seem to pretty much lose your minds over this.... Its simple it donest matter were you hide we will come for you. As you can clearly see we caught WOLF out. It just happen to be an UCH town that was all.

    As this is a HOF Discussion if anyone here has any problems with my members take them up with me in PMs.

    This fight was amazing to see. Not only did they just let their men burn. They tried to back them up and failed. Then they all ran away. I try to hunt them down... but WOLF are cowards and i believe that one of them changed forms of government just to get away from me.
    North Sea Empire.
  • The war with wolfs is over last time I checked @oxab can you confirm ?what I am saying ..
    IF norths having a problem to fight against uch because you stand in their way will you retreat your troops ?
    I think they already did ,they left from your islands in order to prepare for the biggest fight in this server
    I remember a conversation on discord you saying that we have to teach a lesson to dictator pepi ,who thinks that he can rule this server etc etc
    Ofc I left the channel because I understood ur secret agenda and everybody knows 2 facts
    Norths cant be trusted...I was the one who claimed that..and I was right ...
    Norths are unskilled well everybody knows it .
    Prove this server Wrong ,join the fight ..
    Or stay to your misery islands ….
    Its 8 days anyway ..You will not push your selfs to the limits worries :lol:
    Well if this is your final answer …
    We going to survive without you guys ,, 8o
  • I thank the NORTH for coming against WOLF.. It's not about any war, they are just being good neighbors. As you already know, WOLF are miracle leechers, after GURI, another one named spartacos on my island decided to leech my miracle.. I've talked to him to no avail, then I started pillaging his towns, and blocking his ports, as usual the WOLF pups came to his rescue and tried to free his ports / town.

    I was offline, been really busy for the past weeks, I saw the the round 37 on the sea battle, and round 16 on the land in my own town. I'm quite glad the NORTH boys came and helped me kicked those WOLF pups...
    I'll be coming for you again WOLF, aren't you tired of losing battle after battle?
  • hey guys
    everyone knows that we start attacks on NORTH and they defeated badly and avoided from more battles
    so we massaged them why dont u defend urselves?
    this was the answer : we are getting ready for a gr8er battle with UCH and we dont even watch ur attacks
    so i told my alliance that there is no glory here with these wins because they r getting ready for UCH , the pretender of world's crown and the enemy of wolf and other top alliances , but we r attacking our trench...shame on us
    so we stopped attacks , and u saw what happened to Eddard "Ned" Stark ... god bless his soul
    we said we will do it with them later so we changed the target...and who was better than #1 generals score and what was better than #1 punch?
    we had no idea that he is sleep or not and we attacked so don't say u attacked cuz he was offline
    but we couldn't stay awake
    next morning we saw something beautiful :crazy:
    NORTH defends kingtoad and says shame on wolves they attack at night , when kingtoad is asleep
    hamid lost his troops and they started pillaging him and now he recruit army but they run
    it was clearly a gr8 gift to UCH to don't attack them :lol: and anything else is excuse to hide their fear from UCH attack :ill:
    there is a story that says dogs were wolves one a day...but they started ingratiation for human to have a bone for dinner ... but wolves wont sell their proud for bones ... wolves could have an easy life like dogs by protecting sheep from others but having an easy life is not a wolf's nature
    anyway happy birthday @chym
    it seems whole alliance is going for his birthday :lol:
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