multiple players on one ip adress

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  • multiple players on one ip adress

    maybe a silly question but realy, what exactly can 2 players 2 when they share an ip adress... i understand that we cant send resources to each other, but we plan on creating aliance and well - can we attack together? can we help each other on deffending? just would like to understand that part completely... ^^
  • If there is an IP sharing agreement between two or more accounts (they belong to one player or there is a simple IP sharing between two players) then:
    pillage each other cities;
    occupy each other city / port;
    defend each other's city / port;
    place soldiers / warships in each other's cities / ports;
    make pirate targets for each other cities;
    send each other resources;
    trade with each other (buy / sell resources and soldiers / warships);
    spy each other city;
    together / simultaneously * pillage the city of another player;
    together / simultaneously occupy another city's cities / ports;
    together / simultaneously defending the other city's cities / ports;
    together / simultaneously deploy soldiers / warships in another city's cities / ports;
    together / simultaneously trade with another player;
    together / simultaneously send resources to another player;
    together / simultaneously make piracy targets for other city cities;
    together / simultaneous spy city to another player;
    Perform any of the above actions at the same time on the same account (for example, by blocking a player's port with one account, and losing his city with another account).

    write letters to each other;
    to be in one alliance;
    to conclude cultural treads agreements with each other;
    to conclude trade agreements with each other (without possibility to trade);
    to conclude garrison contracts with each other (without the possibility of placement);
    stay on one island and donate to sawmills / mines / miracles;
    Be in each other's list of friends and get bonuses (gold, research points and ships).

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