Godly protection

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    • Godly protection

      Before server merges happened there was a few enthusiasts that tried to build accounts just being under godly protection and got quite far. But in last years I haven't heard anybody doing that. Maybe there is somebody who is trying to reach 6 203 352 master building score or even 6 432 471 score just playing under godly protection or somebody know who is trying this out?

      The scariest monsters are the ones, that lurk within our souls.
    • I'm not sure and can score so many points with one city only since it is under godly protection.If he was going to play in 2008, he would have difficulty reaching such a point,maybe in a large amount of ambrosia, but I really doubt it.
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    • There were a group of hardcore players from here that did that on the .com servers. I can't remember most of the names, but pretty sure Quartz was one of them. I tried it but was too much of a challenge for me.
    • My given master building score 6 203 352 is maximum what you can reach under godly protection with out town relocation, but 6 432 471 master building is maximum score what you can reach with town relocation and building all luxury resource increase buildings. And in 2008 there was no such a thing as godly protection, it appeared in end of 2009.

      The scariest monsters are the ones, that lurk within our souls.
    • I know of a player under godly protection, but 2 million master builder 788k scientists.

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