Partial units/merchant ships withdrawal

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    • Partial units/merchant ships withdrawal

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      General Information:

      It's not too logical that if I want to withdraw 1 unit of an army or 1 ship of a fleet, I have to just withdraw the whole thing.

      What are you suggesting?

      Being able to withdraw a part of a fleet/army, even if it's in a battle.

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

      The game would be more real?

      Suggestion Reason:

      It's just too frustrating. It'd help if there's a change of plans when trading with someone or in a battle, would help with waving as well .. etc

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    • I like this suggestion - it would make withdrawal consistent with town defenders.

      But this is a suggestion that could get very complex very fast. There's the issue of action points. Each group of troops is assigned an action point. What happens if you try to withdraw troops assigned to multiple action points across multiple cities? What happens if you withdraw troops leaving insufficient cargo ships to withdraw the remainder of your troops and you then try to withdraw them? (Possible as cargo ships can be partially filled.)
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    • I like the idea too... maybe for the questions:

      I think if you partially recall units, another action point should be needed. - so as long as you have enough AP, one AP for troops in the battle, and one AP for recalled troops....
      so a new troop movement group is essentially created in the troop movement tab...

      when troops assigned to multiple AP from multiple cities, the troops should recall to the town they came from., like how it is now,

      and for when you have troops in battle but not enough ships to withdraw them, it should remain how it is now, where you are unable to move them until you have enough cargo ships.. ( or unless you change government or something where the troops go limbo..... )

      Action Points are already important for waving purposes in sea, but it will make them a lot more important for both land and sea battles - making occupying towns even more important, or make people want to start leveling their towns to above level 30 for more AP ( where most people usually stop leveling the town hall because population costs a lot of wine to max out and priests costs ).
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