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  • if there are 2 players on 1 island (only 2 cities) and 1 of them have townhall lv4 with 200citizens + lv10temple with 196priests and 0% coruption
    and the other player have lv 1 townhall and lv 3temple with 37priests (slowly decreasing) and 90% coruption
    will it be enough for the 1st player to maintain a 100% conversion for the miracle ?
  • Corruption doesn't affect the conversion rate in island miracles. Conversion rate is also based on the total max population of the town and not the current citizens. If you look at the island view of the miracle you can just add all island shares of faith to see how much the faith would be based on the current set up of priests and whatnot.

    Hope that helped. :)