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      3 Months ago we proposes for a royal rumble so i guest its time to make another
      I, Desvic, current General of the MAFIA alliance, PROPOSES war to the following Alliances

      WOLF, OuT , NORTH, 420 and any alliance interested
      with the following reasons:

      Reason 1: To make the Hephaistos server more lively and active than ever.
      Reason 2: To test our tactics in war.
      Reason 3: Everyone in our alliance is already bored doing eco-mode .
      Reason 4: To know who is active in our alliance and kick whoever isn't.

      Terms and Conditions of the War:
      1. War will end after 10 days. Leader in damage count wins the war.
      2. All Combat Reports from Sea Units’ battle will have a 2x multiplier during the tally of scores while only 1x multiplier for Land Units’ battle.
      3. Any alliance involved can surrender from the WAR by notifying the other parties at least 24 hours before the effectivity of the surrender.
      4. Loot points will not be counted in the tally of scores.
      5. There will be a separate thread for combat reports only and no discussion. Any combat reports not posted on this thread will be invalid. This thread will be posted on the start time of the war.
      6. War will start on November 15, 2018 00:00 Ikariam EN Time, and will end on July November 25, 2018 11:59 Ikariam EN Time.
      7. This war is considered as a ROYAL RUMBLE, hence, any of the participating alliances can get scores from the others, and vice versa.
      8. Each alliance will have their own player to update their damage count. (Better if each alliance will have to calculate both parties in order to avoid cheating or miscalculation.)
      9. Should you wish to accept this proposal, please contact me or our Diplomat. Each alliance mentioned is given 48 hours from this post to confirm or reject this proposal.