United WolveS(WOLF ) VS NORTH

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  • As stated in Conflict Rules:

    Mogwai wrote:

    Type War:

    To declare a war

    Only the Leader, General or Diplomat of an alliance may declare an alliance war. You must make your position within the alliance clear when you declare a war. You may also declare war as an individual.

    The title of the thread must be in the format of "Alliance Name (Tag) vs Alliance Name (Tag)". If a single player is declaring a war, they will not have a tag, however they must include the tag of the target alliance. E.g. "Player vs Alliance Name (Tag)". If it's single player vs single player, it should be "Player vs Player".

    Wars do not require ending conditions, but some may be given in the initial post if wanted. Ending conditions can only be changed in the first 72 hours after the thread is opened. After that, they can not be changed during the life of the war.

    Ending of a War

    When the terms of the war have been reached (e.g. a war of 7 days), or an alliance has posted that they are surrendering, contact a Moderator to close the thread. If there hasn't been any Combat Report posting in the war for 7 days, the war is considered inactive and the thread will be closed by a Moderator and the war will officially be over.

    Surrendering is defined as: Giving up and handing over to the declaring alliance one of their terms. To post you are surrendering, only the Leader, General or Diplomat of the defeated alliance must post they are surrendering and what term they are going to do. Failure to completing the terms allows declaring alliance to continue the war.

    Changing the player's name or alliance's name/tag do not constitute an end to the war, unless that was the ending condition. If this happens, please contact the moderator and the thread title will be updated.

    Since essential information is missing, I'm closing this thread.