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    • multi accounts


      This is probably a stupid question but as I have never done this and don't want to risk a ban,

      Is it expressly against the rules to create multiple accounts on the same world from the same IP address if there is no contact between accounts. The multis would mainly be to donate to mills and mines - they would grow at a reasonable rate.

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      So what is the limit? From what I see, it is not clear as to what exactly are the rules on multi accounts - in one place it states only one account per person, elsewhere you see that people have several multis and it is fine as long as no contact. Is there anywhere where the definite rules are stated?
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      I think that besides one main order, you can have 9 more orders.Total 10 accounts with one IP address.

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      Thanks man.

      Can any GO / ADMIN / MOD confirm that those are the latest version of the rules and to confirm that in the situation that I open 9 new accounts in the same world, notify the GO about them, do not have any contact between accounts, and that they grow - I am not breaking the rules for 100%.
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      kirby k2 wrote:

      I think that besides one main order, you can have 9 more orders.Total 10 accounts with one IP address.
      You created a little confusion in your post, you circled wrong numbers and the word "order" is not correct.

      Sampisa wrote:

      Dear Players,
      as you noticed, update 0.6.4 introduced, for IP sharing declaration, a limit of 10 partners. In this way,nobody can have legally more than 11 accounts to manage. We would like to point out that any further undeclared account that will interact with one of declared accounts will be permabanned (for multiaccount), along with other declared involved account.
      Thank you, and enjoy!
      There are 11 accounts, meaning 10 IP-sharing treaties.
      The term 10 partners is used because the multi situation refers to 11 accounts owned by one person, but it can also mean 11 persons each with one account, or whatever combination between the two.
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      many thanks - now one last set of questions:

      - do you notify GO before creating or after?
      - do you notify from the main account or from each account?
      - can they be invited by a friend link from the main account? - if not is there anyway to get the placement wanted ?
      - I read that accounts must show a level of progress - is this defined anywhere?

      think thats all, thanks