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  • Hello Ikariam Board members,

    As l was scrolling through tons of topics here on board a question came to my mind. Do Ikariam players believe in 'Report' button? And do Game Operators honestly and truly check every 'Report' that comes in?

    Just to clarify by asking these questions my intent is not to insult neither players nor Game Operators, I'm simply curious.
  • Do you mean the in-game report button? Then yes the Game Operator designated to that world goes through every single report sent to them.

    Or if you mean on here, in the Forum then a Mod designated to that area will go through every single one.

    On top of this we (Mod) also actively monitor threads here and the GO's are doing the same in the game worlds.

    I hope this answered your question regarding do we honestly check every report.

    As a player I do believe in the report button, both in game and here on the forum. If we do not use it, then it cannot work.
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  • In-game report buttons can be used for any breach of the game rules.
    Game Operators check every report and take the appropriate measures.
    What game operators cannot do is to give feedback to players and tell them what actions were taken. If no action is taken it means there is no breach of rules or it can take more time to monitor.
    Since there is no feedback, players may feel like their report is not read. But since November 2014 due to privacy reasons we simply cannot give any info about another account. A simple info like player X was banned for Y days for breaking rule Z is an info about that player and only he can disclose this info if he wants to. All other variants are only suppositions not confirmed in any way by staff members.