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  • Sea Chart Archive

    Here is another potentially stupid question about the functionality of the Sea Chart Archive:

    From what is written in the "Help" section, it is suggested that (within ones own little Empire) the Sea Chart Archive should preferably be located in the town receiving goods (rather than the town sending goods) in order to receive the "speed bonus". Is this true? I have an outlying city that generally exports to the other cities. Therefore, would the Sea Chart Archive be wasted within the exporting city? Should it rather be placed in one or more of the receiving (importing) cities? This is actually a fairly important consideration .... :o
  • Many thanks for the link. :)

    If I understand correctly, Cassiopea suggests that this might well be the case with stationing warships. There seems to be no direct mention regarding the transportation of in-game resources - especially if it is a predominantly one way trade ....
  • Sea chart archive reduces the time of anything(without pirate raids of course) you send out of the city you have the building. So it works on the export, it does not work on import.
    It also works on way back for example..I send to pillage another player from a town I have sea chart archive, it will reduce the travel time to the player I am pillaging and also reduces the time on my way back from pillaging. Same goes for sending resources to another player or buying/selling resources in trading post or sending a defend town/port missions. And as I mentioned before it works for recalling troops/ships..

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