New Town View Options

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  • New Town View Options

    General Information:
    When the big patch that expanded the towns with extra spaces, the view of the town changed (for the better IMO).
    I have noticed that the town view has changed slightly since then, and it was not an improvement IMO.

    What are you suggesting?
    I would like an option under the Game Options tab to be able to change to the 'Expanded' town view, from the 'Compact' town view, and vice-versa.
    This will allow players to choose the town view they

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    There will be a new option for Town view in the Game Options tab.
    The town view will be able to look like it currently does, as well as the old more 'expanded' version.
    Examples in the attachments.

    Suggestion Reason:
    Nicer town view to look at, more enjoyable (for me and some others!)
    Detail has been lost (e.g shrubs and decorations), which I would like re-added to the game as an option.

    Special Notes:
    If there is already a way to change the view, please let me know in the comments!
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