barbarian village

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  • barbarian village

    Hi All,

    I am using a mobile to farm barbarians and I was wondering, if my mobile is on the same island as an alliance mate and I station my troops in his town and then attack the barbarian village from there, would the barbarians attack his town back?

    I don't want to build up ports in the mobile and above a certain level - I need to make two trips hitting the barb village from one of my other towns as the troops are taking up too much space.

  • To my knowledge barbarians are connected to yourself only and they won't be attacking other people. Unless these other people attacked them. They will attack your mobile. The level of barbarian village(=their willingness to retaliate) is dependent on yourself, not on other people.

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  • Its just as Cassiopea said. Barbarians will attack only your mobile back not your team mates town, but if your alliance team mate attack barbarian village on that island too and you have units in his town, then you might get caught in battle, where your team mates barbarians attack him. But if he isn't attacking them, then there's no problem.

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