I have a question since no one answered me yet!

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  • I have a question since no one answered me yet!

    How long does it takes? Ghost player been out of the game or will be Deleted? Need your response ASAP!!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!!

    Hopefully you answer my question and i can get the right answer that makes me wonder for several days!

    Thank You!

    Happy Gaming! ^^

  • Hello @Gabzkie24,

    there are 2 phases of inactivity at Ikariam - a phase where inactive player is ghosted and phase where inactive player is deleted.
    Inactive players that have paid ambrosia, not from the tutorial, in their account can not be deleted for legal reasons, but can be ghosted.

    Ghosting means your towns as well as your name are invisible to all players when they view the Island view, Alliance list, Embassy list, High Scores screens and/or any other screen that would normally show that you play on the server.
    When a player returns to that world and logs into their account, their towns will return to the same location as when they where ghosted, with a few minor exceptions:
    1. If their previous town spots were taken, they will be planted on other town spots on the same island
    2. If the original island is full then they will planted on the nearest island with the same resource type.
    Free spots are searched in a circular, clockwise, manner starting with the island north-east of the original island, as you look at the map (right and a little up) until a free spot is found.
    Deleted player means that your account will be deleted, and after your return you will be placed randomly on the map without anyone at your friend list,Embassy list,Alliance list.
    The inactivity phases are now:
    • Phase 0 (Hour 0 to Hour 24, sorting the fun registrations out, no long time inactivity): If you do not build anything in the 24 hours after registration, you get deleted.

    • Phase 1 (1 week to 2 weeks after registration ): You become inactive after 2 days with no login, you get ghosted 2 days later.

    • Phase 2 (Week 2 until 1 Month): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 4 days later.

    • Phase 3 (1 Month until 3 Months): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 14 days later

    • Phase 4 (3 Month until end of times): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 30 days later

    Kind regards,
    Game Staff

  • So, how long they will stay in game?Example, those town or player got banned for something any reasons and his town got (x) and later (i) mark... if i'm not mistaken its been over 30 days now since i saw that town or player still on the game.. i just wondering how long does it take until his gone? so we can use the spot on the island his been occupying..

    Hope you clarify it to me clearly..

    Thank You!

    P.S. sorry for my english word and grammar.. i'm trying my best to make you understand.. its now my tongue language in the first place..LOL
  • If this player was banned with vacation mode on, then if I'm not wrong then 30 days under vacation mode, 7 days in active status and 30 days in inactive status. But if this player have some premium feature active, like example, premium account for 2 month, then he will vanish after that premium account ends or in other word almost 2 month in inactive status.

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