Iran Alliance on .en server

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  • Iran Alliance on .en server

    Can any of the GO's please explain why Iran alliance on the Alpha World .en server, is allowed to have it's external alliance page printed entirely in Persian.
    It was in English when they first came to Alpha.
    I have repeatedly reported it to the ig Go's & have not received even an acknowledgement....I understand that the GO's are ordinary players & it is the Christmas period but I reported it over a month ago.
    Some may feel I am being petty but we should be able to read every alliance statement about who they are...this is after all the ENGLISH server.
  • Having an external alliance page facing the rest of the world all in persian (ie not an internal alliance page), is just the same the same a player messaging other players on the server in a different language other than the default language for that server.
    In other words illegal and disrespectful of all the other players who abide by the rules from all over the world.
  • @ Kikoguns....This is my point...nothing on their external page is in English & the rules state it should be....see below.
    The Greek alliance comply to the rules, why not the Iranians.

    • It is now possible to create specific non-English speaking alliances. On such alliances it is allowed to use your own language in circular, private IGMs, and in ingame forum.
    • Leader who wants to create a language-specific alliance must inform GOs via ticket system
    • Non-English speaking alliances must have officers able to speak English: when contacted by Staff, they must be able to reply.
    • Non-English speaking alliances must report on external page a clear sentence (in English) telling which language is used inside the alliance. E.g. “This alliance is mainly for [your language] speaking players”.
    • External alliance page must be written in English
  • Having an external page on non-English language is not allowed. Please use the report button or raise a ticket so assigned Game Operator of Alpha will check that case. Speaking in the alliance can be on native language, but Leader has to announce that through the ticket system.

    Kind regards,
    Game Staff