Watch a commercial for Daily Bonus points

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  • Watch a commercial for Daily Bonus points

    The Daily Task of watching a video for some daily bonus favors.

    Has this been discontinued?

    I can't find the button anymore.

    (Not unhappy with this: it saves me 15 minutes every morning having to play the same commercial again and again for every player and multi I have)
  • It makes me unhappy; because I plan for the whole week to accumulate 900 favours and get a luxury 20% bonus for all towns of that luxury type, and now I'm confused. I even lost the 50 favours I had accumulated from yesterday.
    :D:D I laugh because I don't know what -the hell- is going on :D:D

  • Like I said to my alliance when I read about it, this is not cool. I was counting on the extra production of goods and I was also accumulating points for the additional 20% production. This was helping me maintain my wine levels as well as produce enough wood to donate and still have reserve.

    I went through the 7.10 notes, nothing about the theatre being removed is mentioned.
  • We've already asked Gameforge about this, hopefully in the next business days there will be some answer.
    Found a bug or think something doesn't work in the game? Don't be afraid and write a ticket or PM me! :)

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  • Good practice would have been to institute a coding freeze around December 19-20, and then resume updates after January 2.
    Also, to roll out changes to a test server, then to 1 production server, then to around 10% of the servers, next 50%, and then fully.

    I also suspect that there is no automated regression testing happening, since we keep encountering instances of new capabilities breaking existing features. I also highly suspect that there is no test server. And, no plan in place to roll-back if needed.
  • Ummmm.. that just sounds scary...hope things aren't run this way in gameforge, but at this point who knows if there is anyone running anything there :wacko:

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