Is the Sea Chart Archive really worth it?

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    • Is the Sea Chart Archive really worth it?

      I'm looking at the Sea Chart Archive and wondering if it's really worth devoting one of my precious building slots to it. Even built to maximum level it only gives a 1/3 reduction in transport time at the maximum range of a Trading Post. And the reduction for closer targets is much less. Most of my shipping is done at low ranges and I have the Poseidon miracle anyway.

      Signals point to No, but am I missing something?
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    • My thought is that it can pair well with the trading post.

      By knocking the travel time for the high distance trades to under 4 hours (round trip 8) you've got a viable overnight/workday trip.

      Also you get a "rapid reaction" fleet of warships if you base them there.

      Whether that suits your play style though...
    • If your colonies are clustered, all your trades close, and your enemies nearby then a Sea Chart Archive probaby isn't too helpful.

      For me with colonies upto 8hr+ apart, trades and pillages often more than 2 or more hours one way, the SC Archive is nice. Especially coupled with Poseidon.
      Lol... if I'm desperate, I can combine those 2 with lowered capacity for more speed. Add a Triton engine and my little cargo ship fly.
      Perhaps one SC Archive in a central colony would be all you need?
    • In one of my accounts I am in my end game, I have built all buildings that I want and upgraded them to the maximum level without using double storage ambrosia feature. I don't want to spend the $ for that, and I am happy at the levels they are, so I decided to demolish my carpenters and architects(which are no longer needed) and build some extras on these slots. For all my towns I chose the sea chart for one of the spots..anything that cuts travel time for me is welcomed.

      You say it only cuts 1/3, but then is travelling back and forth, which actually doubles the cut.. I don't think this is bad at all.

      In my other accounts I do try to put 1 sea chart in a town where I have cluster of cities or in each town that is far away. I do like to fight and when I build ships(ahem balloon carriers) and then have to send the new build to the war zone is great to have 1 town with sea chart to gather all your builts and send from there.

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