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  • No further assistance on account hacking reports

    Dear players,
    we want to remind you that email address stored in your account guarantees ownership of account itself. This means that you must keep email updated, and protect your account with a strong password, that you don't have to share at all. You can check your account data via in-game "Options" page, tab "Account data" .

    Recently a hacker sent out a IGM asking to answer to a poll in exchange of Ambrosia. Poll was bringing you to a fake Ikariam page, used to steal your account data.
    That's why until now, in some cases, we listened to your requests, and - even if we were not entitled to do it - we helped you to recover your account.

    Due to abuses from some players claiming (falsely) to have been hacked, from now on, we suspend definitively any assistance on account hacking reports, or on troubles accessing account due to email not updated or password lost.
    This means that:
    • Email stored on Ikariam account must be kept updated. We interact with player only if he demonstrates to have access to that email.
    • We no longer manage any hacking report of accounts (or any other kind of access loss to the account) since user has full responsibility of his account data, and sufficient tools to manage hacking cases by himself.
    In worse cases, in fact:
    • If a player forgets password, he is able to recover it via password reset directly from home page (a password reset link is sent on his mailbox).
    • If a hacker changes email in a Ikariam account, a mail is sent to the previous address with a link (valid for a week) that can revert the change, so user can have back his account. After a week, link expires and email change can't be reverted. In any case, we will not revert it and will not provide any support.
    • If a player lose access to mailbox stored on account, and he loses also account password, then account is lost: we are not entitled to give support on this matter, change email, or reassign account.
    So, to avoid troubles from both sides, we kindly ask you again to verify that your account data is updated, and in particular that email address is correct (via in-game "Options" page, tab "Account data" )

    Kind regards

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