Occupations and Temple

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  • Occupations and Temple

    General Information:
    For account holder that is in receiving end of occupation or blockade. There are few penalties that happen. One is "Building troops and ships cost the town`s owner double during this time." I would like to add one more. Occupied town loses control of the temple it has if it has one. This would mean that temple would automatically hire enough priests to get 100% conversion. If temple is not large enough to hold enough priests. It would overpopulate and end up in ruins. This would mean that it would be ruins for 7 days after occupation has ended. Same thing happens if players does not have enough people to hire as priests.

    Temple that is able to get 100% conversion will work and can be activated normally, But player can not adjust number of priests during the occupation. When temple is in ruins. It does not get destroyed or loses build lvls. If temple was under construction it will continued to be build under being ruins. Thus no build lvls is lost. Temple however cannot be activated during this time nor updated any further. Also cooldown of the miracle would be effected like there is no temple. This is until 7 days is over and its rebuild.

    What are you suggesting?
    Im suggesting to give people fair ability to control their miracles. Right now miracles are often attacked with multies and there really isint "anything wrong" about that. Its allowed in the rules and yet it fights against spirit of dead end ideas. Where it said no account should be able to do too much harm. Right now we cannot defend against multies that are used to cripple miracles with lvl 1 temple. This is why I hope to correct that.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    People with lvl 1 temple+no priests can be targeted with occupations more often. These are often small accounts. Fights may also broke out in small towns. If player is dedicated to work with temples and miracles. Then feature would not hurt him unless in very specific circumstances and even then player has tools to fix those.

    Suggestion Reason:
    Allowed multies are breaking miracles and have effected them in a way that is hard to believe its intended.
    Special Notes:
  • Suggestion denied as it seems to fall under Dead End Idea -

    Hopla wrote:

    This list is a guideline for Ikariam.org suggestions that will not get approved when suggested. The reasons vary, but the most common include it either being something that Gameforge thinks does not fit the game, something that tries change the premium features or something that has been rejected numerous times.

    The list of dead end ideas:

    • Nothing that is mainly used for ruining another person's account. This includes building destroying, research/upgrade forgetting, destroying someone's town and just about anything else.
      Ikariam is played over months and years - not hours like most other games. In other games you can destroy a player's basic foundations, making him loose. In Ikariam, this would effectively bring a player's hard work of several months - sometimes a year or more! To nothing. One of the main aspects of Ikariam is that you can always rebuild. Some attacks would prove major setbacks, but you're never back to square one - you always have your towns/buildings/researches to help you rebuild.

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