Fixed amount of priests

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    • Fixed amount of priests

      Do you like this suggestion? 14
        Yes (10) 71%
        No (4) 29%
      General Information: Instead of adjustable priest setting I would hope to see fixed setting that is connected to temple lvls

      What are you suggesting? Every lvl of temple would require x amount of citizens to build. At the same time max amount of citizens is reduced. In miracle those people are seen as priests. Also in order to get favor from miracle and it to be part of island share count temple has to have enough conversion to reach second lowest lvl of the miracle. This means that in lvl 4 miracle town conversion must be at least 60% in order to it count in island share.

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
      All the people using miracle would be clearly visible to everyone. At the same time using multies to break miracles would become harder. Since in order to do that miracle must keep up with the town hall to some degree. Small temples in small multi account would be useless. Since they would at least generate conversion for miracle. This would also hurt interactions with players and make it slightly more stiff. But its small price when you actually have invested hundreds of thousands of res to make it work. + gold that you lose when hiring priest.

      Suggestion Reason:
      Miracles are insanely expensive and allowed multies are hurting honest players to the point their accounts are rendered almost useless. This in spirit of Dead end ideas has to be fixed. Players MUST receive way to defend their accounts. To defend their miracles. What these allowed multies are doing is wasting hours of work and destroying it to the point that nothing can be done unless player quits the game completely.

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    • its not strategy if there isint viable counter measure. If all linked accounts were public information then maybe then I could agree. Since farming main account to inactivation would be possible.

      But as things are. Its abuse of an feature that should not be in game in the first place. Also in new servers multies are used to build mine accounts, big donators and banks. All these uses are same as pickpocketing. GF is offering res with ambro or by building your own account. Yet some people rather cheat than use one accounts resources to compete with others. This is most harmfull to new servers where temple manipulation is easiest to perform
    • I honestly dislike the idea too. Still I havent seen better idea about this matter. Temple leeches basicly are made to ruin efforts of others and nothing can be done to legal multies. This has whole new scale that is here to stay. I dislike that more. So I voted yes.
    • Draxo wrote:

      Reducing faith on the enemy's island is a part of strategy.
      Its strategy if you use your own town to do it. If you use whole another account its cowardly cheating by abusing game mechanics. Once using the second option becomes norm that hurt paying customers. I would expect some changes to made. Even if it means losing some of the "strategy" in the game. Which in the essence is more like bug poo tactics in tee..

      Quartz wrote:

      ...I do think that Town faith should override island faith.
      Then difference would be that every time you hit cooldown period you turn priests off. Once you want to use it again. You turn priests back on. When it comes to social side of the game there is none in your suggestion. We could also mix two together and get third choice. Which could allow best features of both. But could that be too complicated.. well maybe.

    • Sure it dosent go up immediately.. And it dosent go down either. Both take time. Fact still is that to save gold its possible adjust amount of priests all the time. In my opinion it might be little too convenient. Yet if you think about that it might balance few miracles to be more affordable and for instance democracy slightly better.

      So I wont its bad choice either.