STEEL Recruiting Players

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    • STEEL Recruiting Players

      Hello friends,

      Our alliance STEEL is currently recruiting players. We recruit all type of players but it is necessary that they are active. We will recruit 10 players rather than a 50 players where only a few are active.
      We provide protection and resources to all our alliance members. We help new players to grow until they reach a stage where they can defend their alliance brothers.

      Current Leader: Tarzaan
      Current General: Tarzaan
      Current Home Secretary: Tarzaan
      Current Diplomat: Tarzaan
      Currently we have 4 members
      No conflicts or treaties with any alliance
      Rank: 21 and General rank:14
      The Home Secretary, General and Diplomat is open to any candidate who can prove himself.
      Further changes will be announced in this thread only.

      Hope we meet soon.
      World Lips - Tarzaan
      (Leader of Alliance STEEL)
    • We have introduced a new feature in the alliance : the donation box. It is really helpful during emergency situations.
      I thank all my alliance members who have donated. We have quite a amount there (above 2000).
      World Lips - Tarzaan
      (Leader of Alliance STEEL)
    • I thought I had missed some important points about the type of alliance members I want. We don't recruit so-called aggressive players who chases weak, inactive, non-allied smaller players.

      We believe that if you have the might save it for the right time. Don't show off too much. World Lips is a growing world. But once it grows up there is bound to come a time when the alliances are in a constant conflict. Show your might then.

      There is no priority in our alliance. So small or big ; both are are most and equally welcome.
      World Lips - Tarzaan
      (Leader of Alliance STEEL)
    • We have made peace treaty with Godz. Furthermore, we are now a cooperative growing group of rulers who are friendly, passive and don't tolerate slavery. We share the same views and ideas. We are the part 1 (STEEL) and part 2 (Godz) of the same alliance. Anyone who wishes to join us can grow up and prove themselves in STEEL before leaving and joining Godz.

      From now both the status of the STEEL and Godz will be posted here.
      7 members.
      Rank : 19
      General Ranks : 11

      27 members.
      Rank : 6
      General Ranks : 6
      World Lips - Tarzaan
      (Leader of Alliance STEEL)